As our friends at often say, there is no magic bullet for weight loss, but there are ways to improve weight and health by taking supplements, like pure garcinia cambogia. This is a supplement made from the rind of a sub-tropical fruit from Africa and Southeast Asia. The reason it is beneficial for weight loss is because of its content of Hydroxycitric Acid. HCA at a high enough percentage will cause a person to feel less hunger which means in turn that fewer calories are consumed. Look for a level of at least 50% HCA in a garcinia supplement.

Pure Garcinia Cambogia supplements balance serotonin levels as well as making a person feel less hunger. When serotonin levels are balanced the compulsive comfort eating comes to an end. Garcinia has been tested in clinical studies and has been shown to be safe and effective as a dietary supplement for most healthy people when used as suggested. Those who want to take it should discuss it with their doctor before doing so. Emotional eaters may have discovered the answer to their dieting issues.

People who are successful with garcinia are the ones who choose a high quality garcinia cambogia supplement and follow healthy eating guidelines while being active. Often their mood improves, they lose weight and their body fat percentage goes down. It seems to increase serotonin levels and improve sleep patterns, both key to good health and weight management. It is not a magic bullet but it is a healthful supplement.

The people of Indonesia and Malaysia have eaten garcinia as part of their regular diet for centuries. It is made into soups and added to other dishes like curries and stews. Since it does not grow in the United States people who are interested in the health benefits HCA offers take garcinia cambogia supplements as part of a regular diet and exercise program. It works by making a person less hungry and also by blocking an enzyme that converts carbohydrates to fat in the body.

The consumer who wants to try garcinia as a supplement should look for Pure Garcinia Cambogia with a minimum of 50% HCA. 60% or more is an even better choice. After consulting with their health professional the usual dose is two tablets with a full glass of water before a major meal like dinner or supper. Enjoy the benefits of this healthful supplement.